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BeautyTalks with Dr. Silvia Stredanska, Founder of Silvia Stredan

   How did Silvia Stredan come to be?

We are a family company that constantly searches for a perfect union between nature and science, between tradition and innovation. After years of commitment and passion we present to you Silvia Stredan, an original, green, pure and sustainable skincare containing exclusively ingredients that are either natural or obtained by green technologies. A distinctive feature of our brand that we are particularly proud of is the development and use of our own functional ingredients.

Our exciting adventure in the field of natural cosmetics began 10 years ago. Drawing inspiration from tradition, following purely artisanal procedures, a range of simple, genuine cosmetic products was born (classic soaps, lip balms, herbal extracts, creams- most of them waterless). We stamped our personal touch on them using our herbal oil extracts. As time went by, cosmetics in this artisanal form did not represent us completely since our professional imprint was missing. The biochemists and biotechnologists in us stepped forward to reinvent production methods by combining tradition with the latest trends in cosmetics. The aim was to make the best use of raw materials (oil extracts, plant/algae extracts) paving the way for the development of new and innovative products. A few years ago, we began intensive studies to develop new ingredients through biotechnological processes with the aim of making our future products are more functional. In our laboratory we have seen the emergence of a range of innovative, highly active and bioavailable phyto complexes obtained through two bioprocesses, enzymatic hydrolysis of plants and algae followed by fermentation with probiotic and beneficial microorganisms (patent pending). The use of these novel valuable and unique components makes our formulations original, derma compatible and above all functional. Today, we can ascertain that Silvia Stredan has been renewed as biodesigned, modern, but still green and clean.

 “The aim was to make the best use of raw materials (oil extracts, plant/algae extracts) paving the way for the development of new and innovative products.”

   Tell us more about the packaging!

We have always paid great attention to the ecological footprint of our cosmetics throughout their life cycle. This makes the choice of the appropriate packaging for each product very important: it must reflect its nature while maintaining its safety and quality and at the same time be sustainable. In the case of our serums, we preferred to preserve their quality as much as possible and chose special bottles, airless, for now in plastic. In the near future, however, we would like to replace them with state-of-the-art glass containers, one of our favorite materials. Although we have decided to avoid double packaging, we have exceptionally given these products the outer boxes. For all outer packaging, eco-friendly paper made from by-products of agro-food processing was chosen. 

However, so far we have not found the ideal material for each product and had to make compromises. For example, for the cleaning line we consider glass to be a heavy and potentially dangerous material (in case it gets pumped). So we prioritized safety and decided to use plastic containers. But not just any plastic. We initially focused on packaging made of biodegradable and compostable materials. Despite great efforts to find the noblest plastic containers we were in for a big disappointment and had to give up on the idea.

Unfortunately, we discovered that most European countries do not accept such packaging in organic waste for the time being. Instead, they are moving towards reuse, recycling the plastic or replacing part of it with various waste materials (wheat straw, coffee or rice husks...)

In the end, we promoted the classic polyethylene containers (paradoxically more interesting because of the functional disposal processes) where, however, 50% of the polymer is replaced by wheat straw.

    What is your go-to Silvia Stredan product?

Oh, it is a very simple question, but a difficult one to answer. I love all of our products, because all of them are my creations. I have to admit, however, that our lip balms and nourishing creams are special to me. I developed them specifically for my delicate, dry skin and literally cannot live without them. Both are part of our artisanal cosmetics. Among the new, modern and more sophisticated products, I appreciate the NINFEA moisturizing gel serum. I like its scent and silky texture, and it pairs perfectly with other products that are part of my daily skincare routine.

    What are Silvia Stredan’s values?

People, environment, and knowledge are our three main values that work in harmony at Silvia Stredan skincare. We believe that natural cosmetics represent a conscious way of taking care of oneself. With this in mind, we formulate our products always respecting people, their differences, their needs, their desires. Deducing from the satisfaction of our customers, it seems that so far we have succeeded in this.

The second pillar of our philosophy is nature. Environmental sensitivity is present in every single cosmetic product starting from the selection of ingredients, development, production, packaging, distribution to the disposal of the packaging.

Finally, we believe that proper professional training accompanied by field experience,continuous study of new ingredients, and attention to new trends in the cosmetics industry is vital. Only a sufficient preparation leads to targeted formulation of products with conscious use of active components with the aim of better meeting the needs of the skin. Of course, each of our cosmetics is produced and marketed according to the European cosmetics regulation.

 “We believe that natural cosmetics represent a conscious way of taking care of oneself. With this in mind, we formulate our products always respecting people, their differences, their needs, their desires.”

   How important is being natural to Silvia Stredan?

This was the fundamental condition for the creation of our brand. Being natural and safe, which is essential for us. As I explained earlier, the adjective "natural" for us does not only mean the use of a certain type of raw materials, but it concerns the whole life of each product. For example, alongside natural substances we also use those obtained through green technologies, it means through the technologies that are gentle, do not pollute the environment (even water) and are safe for humans. We paid great attention to the production process which we try to make less energy demanding. Another chapter of great account is represented by packaging, on which I commented on point 2. As you see, being natural for us is a very complex concept. But the goal is always the same: to safeguard nature and people who are part of it.

    What goes into developing a Silvia Stredan product?

I would like to emphasize that without an important and always updated background related to this fascinating field, we would not get far.

Back to us. Something from behind the scenes: at no point we proposed an outline with products of varying importance and started with the most prominent ones. Later, when the basic cosmetics already existed, we continued with the more special ones. How does a new product come into being? Of course it depends on the cosmetic to be developed. We often do a search for products of similar use. Subsequently we determine what exactly we want to achieve and with what we want to be different from the products already on the market. The formula begins to take shape. This is followed (very often) by long months of development performing countless trials, modifications, and tests until the product fully satisfies us. Finally comes its finalization, that is, the choice of aroma to complete the pleasant feeling of the product.

Tell us more about Silvia Stredan’s hero ingredients!

Naturally, let's talk about FERMELYSE - our premium ingredients created by Silvia Stredan's team.

In our laboratories, we have developed an original and innovative technology that represents a fusion of two green processes already widely used in the food industry: liquid fermentation and enzymatic treatments. Through this process we obtain phytocomplexes from plant materials that are rich in highly active and bioavailable ingredients. At the same time, probiotic fractions are formed, which strengthen the skin's ability to defend itself and significantly improve its natural microbiome.It is currently in the patenting process. We currently have about 50 types of these phyto actives from herbs and algae carefully selected on the basis of their high content of beneficial substances. These valuable components make our cosmetic line unique, derma compatible and always in harmony with our values.

   What is Silvia Stredan’s most memorable moment?

I must admit that we have seen more than one memorable moment. The truly memorable one is connected with the period when we were trying to find the meeting point between our cosmetics and our biotechnological-biochemical education. One day I happened to read a Korean patent comparing two types of I extractions for cosmetic use. One extraction method intrigued me greatly. I went to my husband to ask his opinion. He confirmed to me, that similar methodology is used in the food industry and why not, it could also be used in our field. Simply put, that's when the idea of our future FERMELYSE was born.

   Could you share a skincare secret with us?

More than a secret, let me share with you an observation of mine. I have noticed that people expect miracles from cosmetics. Unfortunately, this is not the case. With cosmetics we nourish the skin, protect it from various negative stimuli, help it feel good and keep it healthy. But that is not enough. A strong help comes from within us. Although it sounds trite, it is very true that lack of sleep, unbalanced nutrition, smoking, alcohol, drinking too little water, and stress all have a negative effect on the state of our skin. So it is absolutely necessary to take care of your skin every day and in a more comprehensive manner. 

However, one piece of advice I can give: Active ingredients penetrate much better into clean skin, free of dirt and dead cells on its surface. Therefore, before applying products with a high active ingredient content, cleanse your face/neck/decollete thoroughly and then carry out a peeling. I personally prefer a gentle peeling over a strong one. The frequency of peeling depends on several factors, one of them being age, because the younger you are, the faster your skin regenerates.

   Run us through your morning routine?

Right after I wake up, I have a cup of great Italian coffee prepared by my husband. I drink it with the background of the purring of my adorable white cat curled up on my lap. After a light breakfast, especially before the most tiring days, I love to run for half-hour in my favorite place, among the vineyards. It is a great stress reliever and Im never tired of repeating how incredible a morning jog is. After a shower and a thorough cleansing of the skin on my face/neck/decolletage, I put on the basic gel serum followed by the cream of my choice according to the season. There are days when I also like to put on the oil serum. I maintain that one must 'listen' to one's skin. This is when the make-up should come in, but I use it little, since I prefer a natural look. When I am ready, I go to our lab where new challenges await me.

   What does the future look like for Silvia Stredan?

For us, products are crucial. This is the time for products based on FERMELYSE and we devote ourselves intensively to the development of new cosmetics. In the immediate future, we plan to launch two products that are very interesting for their composition: a shampoo based exclusively on mild, sulfate-free surfactants of plant origin and a natural solid deodorant. We are currently stability-testing the facial mask selection that will later enrich our portfolio in the future. However, we have a project in the drawer: a certain type of extraction of selected plants (such as Immortelle). If we are successful, some very interesting products will be born.

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Feb 02, 2023 09:11 PM