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Silvia Stredan represents a fusion of natural, sustainable and clean. From the outset, we place great emphasis on these three aspects.

In fact, very strict rules are scrupulously followed in the formulation and production of the entire cosmetics line. In the creation of Silvia Stredan cosmetics, we only use the highest quality ingredients of natural origin together with components obtained through green technologies, which are also considered natural.

This approach excludes the use of synthetic substances or compounds prepared using procedures that are not caring for people and the environment. Through the sustainability of raw materials, environmentally friendly production, and the careful choice of packaging materials, we seek to minimise the ecological footprint of each of our products.

Silvia Stredan is an eco-sustainable beauty brand that at the time of its creation had embraced the green trend without the use of ingredients considered suspect, harmful or polluting (parabens, phthalates, cyclic silicones, sulphur-containing surfactants, aluminium salts, formaldehyde, mineral oils, PEGs, acrylates, synthetic dyes and perfumes, etc.).